Rockin Supplements

With a combined total of over 30 years in the industry, Rockin HRT researched and has worked with many supplement companies. We have chosen to utilize our favorite line of supplements that we find to work the best, have the cleanest ingredients and are easily used by the body. Nothing artificial or synthetic. Not all supplements are created equal and we have years of before and after blood work to prove it.


We believe that the ingredients in the supplements we offer to our patients should have rigorous testing for purity, and they do! We have gone well beyond food-grade supplements to create a line that only healthcare providers can offer. You will not find this quality at any drug store, vitamin shop or pharmacy. Your before and after blood work will show you!

Rockin Supplements come in easy to use, customized packets. Never run out of bottles at different times. Never guess how much longer you have until you run out. We can change what is in them at any time! You can even set up auto ship every month! Never miss a dose with these easy packets!!!

Ever wonder if you're taking supplements you don't need and missing ones you do? Find out your levels of 33 different micronutrients and know exactly what you need! Our registered dietitian and/or functional nutrition doctor can come up with a plan according to you results!
Having sensitivities causes inflammation in the body and can make fat loss difficult amongst other issues like poor digestion, poor sleep, body pain and depression. Need a customized meal plan, exercise plan or help with supplements? No problem!
An unbalanced gut can lead to a large number of health conditions in the body.  Specific markers let our doctors and registered dictions know what you need to heal it.
Looking at key factors can determine how the immune system is functioning and what can be done to improve it.
We work with LabCorp, Genova, CellScience, SpectraCell, Infinite, Access, BostonHeart, Doctors Data, Kashi, KBMO, MedTox, DutchTest Real Time, Quicksilver, US BioTek, York Test, ZRT, 3x4 Genetics and many more.  As you work with our functional medicine doctor and/or our registered dietitian, a plan of action will be formed to “Keep Your Body Rockin!”

Get Rockin in just 3 easy steps!

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Step 3:

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